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New here and so is my baby Tora

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My sweet little girl loves her daddy.

Her 1st night that is her taking inventory of the pretty things that mommy had before Tora,

That is Tora annoying her brother!!!
I love my little girl I have never had an AB before but she stole my heart when I saw her. I got her because I wanted a buddy to wrestle with and a buddy to run with me at night.... I wanted a baby that looked intimadating but was just a big lover BOY!!! I have gotten exactly what I wanted!!!I named her Tora for a female bull in Spanish there was only one major flaw in that plain a female bull is a Vaca a.k.a. a cow LOL She lights up our lives-Angie
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Well welcome to the best forum around. Tora is very cute and you came to the right place if you need any help. I have an AB and couldn't be happier.
Welcome :wave:
She is adorable. Best of luck with her.
hope you enjoy your new pup as much as i enjoy mine
Welcome to the forum! Adorable girl you have! :D
Welcome to the forum! She's adorable!
Welcome. She's such a cutie. Man...I'm jealous that so many people on here have puppies!!
She is the cutest little thing. Welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to the forum......prepare to become addicted! :lol: You have a cutie there :wink:
Thank you

Thank you all for your kind words..we could not be happier with our girl!!! I am also grateful that I found this place, I am not a stranger to Dominant breeds but she is in a class all her silly own!!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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