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New here as well!

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Hello, my name is Zak. I have recently adopted a American Pit from a family that was stranded on the side of the road. They where on vacation, and there RV caught on fire days before. They where on there way home to Idaho, and didn't make it any further than Albuquerque NM. That's where i met up with them. They had been at a road side rest stop for about 4 weeks and the mama had pups while they where out there. 12 of them to be exact! I spent all day with them, took to dinner, got them a hotel room, put some gas in there car, and then we went to Pet Smart and took care of there pups. They had flees pretty bad, so bad that the whole family had shaved there heads.. Guess they didn't know any better..
Well, by the end of the day, one of those pups wouldn't stop following me around. She was the only one in the litter that was willing to leave the pack. Also the runt too! I fell for here, and now she is with me. Her name is Penny. She is now 9 weeks old, and WOW what a hand full!!!
I am an over the road driver, and Penny does ten times better in the truck than she does at home. This has me concerned. I have two dachshunds at home, and a cat. The dogs don't mind her, my female Della, she plays with here from time to time, and my male, Archie, well, he plays, but it is in a fashion to show dominice. The cat has made it clear she does not care for her. But she does not attack her either. She will let Penny sniff her, lick her, but the minute that Penny wants to play, well, Jane, let's her know it ain't going to happen..
Now, why did i come to the forum.. Simple really. I live in an area that opposes Pit Bulls, they are no more familiar with the breed than what the media has told them. Which we all know is not good. Needles to say i cant find a willing trainer that is affordable.
I have bought a couple of books, but they don't touch on subjects that i want more detail about. I have found a guy on line that says he can help train a Pit owner to get the results they want out of there dog, but he two wants a lot of money.
I can train this dog on my own, but i don't think i will get the results i am looking for fast enough. I figure going to a forum board where there are other Pit owners i may be able to meet some one that is willing to help me out without breaking the bank!
Penny will be my companion, my copilot while I'm on the road, and a guard dog for my truck.
But at the same time, i want this dog to be VERY social while out of the truck, with other people, and in time other dogs. I have patients, and i know it wont all happen over night, but she is already starting to show signs of aggression with my wife, and the other dogs in the home. Not to mention we are having one hell of a time with the potty training.
She has here first set of shots, got dewormed, and is a healthy pup from what i can tell. She eats well, never finishes what i put in the bowl, and drinks plenty of watter.
Like i said before, i got her at only 4 weeks, so it took some time to get her to take to watter, but once she figured it out, o-man do i wish i had a camera that day! Priceless!!
She is great with me. She will let me clip her nails with no fuss, give her a bath with little to no fuss, and she understands NO from me very well. But there is so much more..
I thank who ever is responsible for starting this forum, and look forward to meeting new people, and hopefully new friends as well!
Thanks in advance to any one willing to share there experience.
Zak, and Penny.

This is Penny at about 5.5 weeks..
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That pup is a doll. I'm here in Albuquerque =0)

I have a boxer and a AB, never have raised a APBT but the one thing that has helped me train my pups is consistancy. Consistantly using the same command words, and if you don't want them doing something dont ever let them slide. Just like a kid =0) If they get away with it once it always worth a try.

I take my dogs to work and they have a little bed next to my desk, people are coming in and out all day to say hi, so they just love people, I also take them to the dog park. I keep a real close eye on them to make sure they do not come up against a shady dog. Try and keep away that fear agression I read about. Oh and my cat absolutley could not stand the dogs, he was pissed. But I just made sure that their contact was controlled until he was confortable and one of the pups started chasing the cat I would stop him, and tell him no. I dunno, thats what I did, but now they sleep together and lick each other. =0)

Anyway welcome, makes me happy you saved a life.
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