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New Here....

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Hi all,

Just wanted to introduce myself to the board, name is JT, and I just got a 8 weeks old 7/8 English Bulldog puppy. His name is lil Grim and he has a big brother, a Basset Hound, name Billy. I will share some photos.

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lmao I love him. So cute, I want to squeeze him.

Oh and welcome :D
Welcome!!! Your dogs are beautiful! And that pic of Grim hugging his toy is too cute! :D
OMG How frickin cute is he!!!! Welcome, post pic of that little cutie any time!!!
OMG, I think he is one of the cutest EBs I have ever seen!! What a doll. And I love your Basset too. I've thought about getting a Basset before... how well do they get along?
lil grim, i found you!!!

he IS gorgeous....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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