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I just found this forum and figured I would join to learn about the different Bulldog breeds and show off my baby, Tank.

Tank is my two-year old Bulldog (English) and he is a total ham! He will be three in August. He likes eating, sleeping, snoring, eating, sleeping, cuddling...all the general Bulldog stuff :lol:

He may become a big brother next year as I am working on finding a breeder of French Bulldogs who I like and am able to work with.

Here are some pictures of my beautiful boy!

Tank is ready for bed while I work on the computer..."Come on, Mom!"

Tank loves to pose! This picture was taken in our enclosed yard.

Tank loves his kitty :)

"Is that a camera, or food?? Either way, I want it!"

Another one of Tank and Roscoe. True love :lol:

This is our Christmas card from 2004. Roscoe and Tank are cuddling next to Beau, my Mom's American Eskimo dog.

I hope you enjoy the pics! I love to post them, so look out for more!
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