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Hi, I'm Regan.
I adopted our newest family member a few months ago, hes a english bulldog called Frank, he seems to be very well trained He's fairly healthy, apart from being completely deaf (I believe he suffered bad ear infections early on). He does however seem to have a very low fitness level. I'm slowly working on increasing his walk distance but his breathing seems to be really holding him back, currently getting about a 5min walk before he seems to struggle, so I'm keen to learn a bit in regards to that and also interested in learning about homemade diets that meet optimal nutritional recommendations, to help isolate allergies and promote good health. Basically I want to provide my wrinkly companion the best quality of life I can, so the more I can learn the better

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If you have not done this already, the first thing is a complete check up, blood work from the vet. Not knowing the health of his lungs or airway passage
prevents any advice on his issues. Bulldogs are known for having breathing issues due to their short nose.
Breathing Problem in Short-Nose Breed Dogs | PetMD
This information may help you. As far as diet is concerned, there is a lot of good helpful information in this section: Health & Diet

Best wishes and please enjoy the forum. :)
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