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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. As some of you have noticed, we have introduced new paid membership programs. You can see the details here:

BulldogBreeds.com Forums -

Keep in mind, everything on this site is still 100% so no one is forcing you to upgrade your membership. Obviously, with an upgraded one, you get some extra perks. :)

Feel free to post your questions or comments here.


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new member unable to login and post kennel add
We do not allow ads for kennels, breeders, or others. If you want to advertise on our site, please look into a vendor membership and post in the vendor's section. Your other post is going to be deleted, as it is against forum rules.

Any questions, please PM myself or bulldogadm.

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Hi, and welcome to BDB! Please read the rules and sign them, if you haven't already.

We also encourage you to read this.

Here are the tutorials to help you with the site functions:Tutorials

Please note:
New members are allowed into the forum after their **fifth approved** post.

Please enjoy the forum
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