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Hi everyone, My name is Janna and today I became a new mommy to a 8 week old white pit. My family has a 3 year old boxer, and 2 year old boston terrier mix and we decided to add another member to the family. Thursday afternoon we loaded up and headed to the local pet shelter adoption center. We wasn't planning on getting a puppy but when we saw Jazzy, we just couldn't resist. Friday morning we had a home check done and this afternoon we got to go get our baby.
Jazzy's mom was an owner surrender and she came to the shelter just 3 days before giving birth. She had 8 healthy babies and we just knew we had to open our hearts and home to one. I'm kind of new to the pitbull breed. I have 4 children and I know she's going to be a great addition to our family but we've had a problem with her wanting to bite. I know shes just a puppy and in time will grow out of it. But i'm looking for some positive ways to redirect her when she bite. I've bought her some chew toys but those just aren't as good as out pants legs and shoe strings!!
Well, i'll be surfing the site for tons of info but in the meantime if anyone has any advise i'de love to hear it :D
Thanks, Janna
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