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New pics of Eli

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i havent been on here in what seems like forever :?
but i wanted to come on here and see what everyone is up to and post some new pics of eli 'cause my parents are comming home for the weekend and my dad is staying for a couple weeks i think so i'll probably be pretty busy...

anywayz here are the pics..nothin special just eli being eli :D

we went on a 4 mile walk on the bike trail the other day but i only got one pic before my batteries died :(

in the backyard..happy as can be

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I love Eli's face! He always looks so happy. :)
Oh, how I've missed that big lug!!! Don't stay away so long. :(
Awww - Yay Eli! Long time no see. Happy as always. :D
He always seems so happy. Thanks for sharing new pics!
Gotta love that smile!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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