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New pics of O'Klassic's Q (my co-owned pup)

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Just got some new pics of my lil boy, doing well and terrorizing O'Klassic Kennels LOL....nah just kidding - these dogs are ALL drivey and full of fire like this hehe.

Looks like he's found a new playmate at his breeder's place - O'Klassic's Shyanne. They are the same size but she is many months older than he. Just shows how big he's gonna get. I am definately putting my money on him reaching 40 pnds - the higher end of the OBB spectrum.

Anyhow, here's the pics - glad he's enjoying his time away from me even though I'm sure he misses the one on one time we had. He'll get it back again though :wink:

Peeing like a big boy now lol :lol:

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Those are so terrific looking! I dont know why the boston bulls arent
more popular, what great dogs!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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