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New pics of Tanner and Molly

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Tanner is getting so big!. He hardly looks like a Boxer anymore! He's gotta be part St. Bernard! What a cutie pie.
Tanner is looking adorable! I love his markings! How are the other puppies doing? Are they also huge?
All the pups are doing great! The runt is the biggest of them all so far. They are 11 weeks old today. I think why the runt is the biggest is because she is still with the mama. My sister in law and her hubby are looking to buy a house since they can't have dogs where they live now. So Bella will probally slim down after she stops nursing. But then Tanner is next in size and then Roxy is the smallest. But they are only a pound different in size. Tanner goes tomorrow for more shots and so I will see what he weighs then. Here are some pics of his mommy Lucky.

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Tanner is getting so big! He's got some big ears on em :)
Faith Marie said:
So Bella will probally slim down after she stops nursing.
She's still nursing at 11 weeks?? Man, momma dog must be REALLY patient and loving! :lol:
I thought you took Tanner early so that the mother dog could get her heart worm treatment. Whats up with that? Just wondering.
Mr. Tanner is getting very big and very good looking. He is loosing the boxer look now. He looks like he will be BIG. Look at the paws wow!

OT, how is your husband doing?
Yes that was the reason we took Tanner early. Well then his sister found out they could have dogs but they would have to pay a HUGE deposit for having her so they couldn't afford it. So in the end they weren't able to take her. So we had already taken Tanner and his other sister had already taken Roxy. But yes Lucky is a VERY good mama! I know my mother in law is really wanting to get Lucky treatment. I had even offered to keep Bella so she could but they said they would wait. So I don't know.

Hubby was doing good but he has been running a low grade fever the past two days. I am really hoping it is not from an infection. I don't know when this will end. :cry:
Tanner is a cutie, nice to see him and Molly playing.
Tanner is adorable (so is Molly)!
:shock: Holy cow! He's enormous for an 11 week-old! Love it. Watch, though - Molly will probably push him around no matter how big he gets. :lol:
No Tanner has got his bluff in on Molly. Faith never did but somehow Tanner has managed to. :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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