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here's bruiser w/ my son... dog is almost 20 months now.

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That is soo sweet!!!!!!!
There is slobber hanging from your dog's mouth in the 2nd and 3rd picture. :lol: Just like a bulldog!! Hehe. Great pictures!
Awww...he's so handsome. He reminds me of my Chopper. :D
they are best of friends... it's annoying :)
WOW! That is a VERY handsome AB you have there! You definitely need to post more pics! Do you know what his bloodlines are?
great looking BD. He looks to be quite a big boy
he was 121lbs. at 18 months... he's almost 20 months now, and he's slimmed a few pounds seeing as he's running/outside more...

loves tug w/ the rope, but it's impossible for me to deal w/ him now, and loves to attack trees....

his sire was Grim and dam was Sue, from rebel rose kennel.... www.rosebull.com

Grim is a mufassa son... he's got good blood in him...
Oh ok I am familiar with the Roses and their dog Grim. Grim is a handsome fellow. I guess you got yourself a Mufassa grandson. Good looking boy.
good looking boy ! :wink:
I love the last pic. I see your little one is copying brusier with sticking his tounge out :lol: :lol: CUTE.

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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