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iluvmypit said:
We got Nelson when he was 5 weeks, his mother died a couple of days earlier, we think its been beneficial having him from so young, because he has been taught what we want from the start - no bad habits are able to form...the stomach thing is probably just the change of diet, what are you feeding her?
This may have worked well for you, but for the most part, pups that are separated from their mothers too early in life (before 8 weeks) are at risk for developing a whole host of issues as they come into maturity, specifically fear aggression. People see a young puppy behaving normally and assume that it's perfectly fine to take a puppy so young, but a lot of problems don't arise until 1-3 years of age. Obviously it wasn't possible to keep Nelson with his mother, but it's definitely a very bad thing to remove a puppy from its mother so young unless you absolutely have to.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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