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Definately agree with the post above, play with her rough and she'll play rough back. These dogs are tough, smart and independent. They will make their own decisions on alot of things, you just need to teach her what is acceptable and not.

The mouth thing is a definate. Teach her that the use of her mouth on your hands, clothes, etc is unacceptable. Give her a timeout if she nips repeatedly, for about 30 seconds or so is fine. She won't like being ignored and will figure out pretty quick that if she nips, she gets no attention. Personally, I wouldn't play too rough with her while she very young - especially using my hands. This is only going to teach her than your hands are toys and make it harder to teach her what is appropriate for playtime.

She should be fine with your little girl too. They are tough enough that most of the stuff little kids will do doesn't actually hurt them, only annoy. Where she is growing up in the house with the kids she should learn to get used to their behavior and what the pecking order is.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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