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Congratulations on owning a Pitbull! The best breed in the world... :D
chelliez said:
She sort of leaned toward him and began barking agressively.
Nelson did this to me once when I was playing with him on the ground he was backing off then running forwards then he did it with teeth barring - to be honest - I got scared then I thought nah - he has to know who's boss - So I jumped up and yelled at him (LOUD!) and sent him to bed... - you should have seen him change his attitude! Yeah I guess it's just letting them know what is acceptable, I wouldnt encourage reving up a pitty though...and if you do , make sure you calm them down after and let them know that playtime is over...Dont they say dont let a puppy do what you wouldnt want a full grown dog to do?

chelliez said:
I believe she was in the shelter for three weeks prior to me adopting her which leads me to believe she didnt spend a great deal of time with her mother. In addition to that she has had an upset stomach since we got her. (im taking her to the vet tomorrow) Could the transition effect her personality or should I be concerned. Sorry so long, I'm just nervous!!!
We got Nelson when he was 5 weeks, his mother died a couple of days earlier, we think its been beneficial having him from so young, because he has been taught what we want from the start - no bad habits are able to form...the stomach thing is probably just the change of diet, what are you feeding her?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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