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New Pup!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi All,

New pup, more photos to come! I have tons, but forgot to bring my camera cable to work to pull them off :)

Hes huge for 9weeks, and is running a riot :)

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Welcome to the forum. Your pup is adorable :D How much does he weigh?
Welcome to the board!!! Nice name for a dog :mrgreen:
Hi, thanks for the welcome :)

Hes bloody lump :) Very heavy and his paws are giant!

Im from Adelaide in australia, i just ducked home from work then to have a quick play, and i found my baby sound asleep in his crate (i left the door open) in the back room, but he hasnt eaten all day which is strange, and seemed a bit flat when i tried to play with him.. Maybe ill need to get him on some meat, hes on dry puppy food at the moment that the breeder recommended!

I tried to remember to bring the camera cable, but i forgot, i got tons of pic's, some super funny ones with him playing with a mirror, thinking its another puppy, he just goes mental :)

Welcome! Your puppy is a doll!
good looking pup my friend!
Welcome to the forum. He's super cute! :)
Welcome, he's a lovely looking dog, realy big for 9 weeks.
Hi :)

Can anyone host pics?

Im too lazy to go through somewhere like photobucket, plus, i dont like the spam i get from them :)

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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