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hello and welcome ill try to help you im far from an expert and my spelling sucks but here goses !

1) the more att; and walking run ect you can give the better they love to walk jump run play !

2) yes uneducatied people make this mistake time to time

3)some have skin /hips/eyes/ears/ and so on all dependes on there breeding and peds!good breeders good dog 98% of the time !

4)yes he will take to you like a fat kid to a smarty in time !


6) yes bully's of anykind are known to be animale and dog agressife

7)you will need a ferm hand and a no bull attitude dont let him think hes the sh*t cause he will !

8)keep doing what your doing asking questions and resurch youll be fine you can never have too mutch info !

hope this helped you keep checking in here there are people that trani bully's that are members here and breeders as well that will help you too cheers post some pics if and when you get him !

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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