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New to the forum and had some questions on American Bulldogs

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I posted a topic in the introduce yourself forum , but to summarize I am a 37 yr old male that has an 11 yr old English Springer Spaniel who used to be my jogging and biking companion until arthritis became a problem with him. I have always admired the aesthetic look of bulldogs and had it in the back of my mind if I ever was to get another dog. I have been doing alot of reading to determine if an American Bulldog would be a suitable companion and I really think it would fit into my lifestyle and family . My biggest question after finding this forum is in regards to who to purchase a puppy from .
I live in Wisconsin and haven't found alot of breeders in this area and was hesitant to think of purchasing one from far away due to travel distance and didn't think shipping a puppy would be very safe , but after reading a few posts here it seems some people advocate purchasing from a reputable dealer even in another state versus from an unknown breeder close by.

How safe is shipping a puppy and what is a common asking price for American bulldog puppies ? Obviously I don't want to overpay , but then again I don't want to " get what you pay for " and purchase a cheaper puppy that could have problems because the breeder was just out to make a buck . Thank you for taking the time to read this and any replies are welcome .

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very simple question. Look to the WABA

I know where you are coming from.

American Bulldog world is so full of BS that it takes forever to go through all the kennel blindness (thinking their stuff is the best).

Price is all over the place and I would hold little value in it. Expect to pay 700 to 1200 for a good pup. That basically covers vet care, advertising for good homes, and all the extra expenses. A REAL breeder never gets his money back. It is a passion. Not a vocation.

Look more for breeders that have PROVEN their stuff. Not on the internet.......in show (if you want a good looking dog) and in work (if you want an intelligent, athletic, workable).

Here is where I would start EVERY TIME when I look for an american bulldog. EVERY TIME.

When I was looking for a real bulldog, I looked at the females that have a BST, BST II or WST II.
At the time, the ONLY one was Harddog's Petey (female). I asked around and Gary Johnson (owner/trainer of Petey) called me up. I was lucky. He had pups off of her. Only 3 were born. The father Max was also a BST and sch1.
Ice the pup (now grown) also has a BST. Can you see the trend? Good dogs create good dogs.
Now, how many dogs are bred this way?????? Yet I paid only 700 dollars.

That is what Working American Bulldog Association is for. Testing, working, evaluating BREED SUITABILITY TEST (BST). This list of all the good dogs HELPED ENOURMOUSLY.

The germans use this for their shepards. Why not us bulldoggers?

Hey. I hope I was of help.

Another case in point. Q my Chucky's daddy. BST and PSA 1.

Good breeders don't deal/breed crap. They breed best to the best and hope to IMPROVE the breed for themselves.

I am a HUGE advocate of WABA. It is OUR breed worthy registry.

Also, look at the judges in the WABA website. Most are very reputable breeders.
If you cannot get the phone numbers........let me know. I can get them to you.

Good luck in your search.
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