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New Video of Torco

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Here is Torco doing some obedience work. We've had a really hard time getting him to stay still, but he's getting better, lol.


We're waiting on a friend to send us some video of Chassis that he got last weekend. So expect that soon. :p
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I can't watch it because it keeps saying an error has occurred.

I don't agree with using a dogs name when doing formal obedience though. When doing obedience your dog should ALREADY be paying attention to you. I give one command only with no name and if they don't respond or are slow to do it they get corrrected. (your dog probably isn't old enough for corrections though). I will actually do little things to try and set them up for being corrected for not paying attention. For example if my dog is in a long down and is looking around and not at me, THATS when I call them. I don't wait for them to look at me. If they are slow to come to me because they weren't paying attention, they get popped. Sounds mean but thats one way to get dogs to pay attention to you and that's how you get nice fast/crisp obedience. :D
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Red, I definitely agree with no corrections on a puppy!!! Keep it fun for sure!! I was just trying to explain ways of getting a dog to pay attention without having to use its name. Why will you be moving to the hand signals? Did your trainer recommend that?
Oh ok. I didn't think your trainer would recommend that. Are you still training with Butch Cappel?
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