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Newbie here

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Hi, I'm new to this board, just found it. I do belong to several other forums. Just wanted to say HI, and I feel like I own a menagerie. 8 dogs, will be 9 next week, 4 cats, and 2 ferrets. I love them ALL. I'm from North Carolina, and have enjoyed other forums hope I'll learn from here as I do the others.
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welcome to the fourm
hope you enjoy yourself
What kind of dogs do you own?

Pictures would be helpful... :lol:
I have 6 EB, 1 Boxer, and 1 ValleyBulldog. I will be getting an Olde English Bulldogge this weekend coming. I'll try to uplaod some pics.

Here are some of the pictures, I hope.
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6 EB's or a six year old EB? Nontheless cute dogs and welcome
I have 6 English Bulldogs. 2 males and 4 females. 1 male is 4 yrs. old, the other is 6 months old. 1 female is 5 yrs. old and spayed , 2 are a little over 1 yr.old and I hope pg, the other 1 is 8 months old, just a baby.
Thank you. I just added 2 more with in the past week. Don't have pictures yet but will post them as soon as I take them.
Welcome! And I thought I had my hands full with 3 dogs, lol! You must be one busy chica :lol: Can't wait to see more pics.....
Beautiful poochies!!!!
Yes I stay quite busy but I love it. I am going through a false pregnancy right now with my boxer, who has Valley Bulldogs. I had 7 people on the list and I had to e-mail them and tell them NO pups, it nearly killed me. She is walking around moopy, and carrying a stuffed chicken with her and washing it. She won't let any of the other dogs go in their room, so I do have my hands full right now. I hope it doesn't last long. My bulldog went through one, one time and it took 3 weeks for her to get over it. All she wants is someone to pet her and love on her right now. I know she doesn't know what happened, but I guess it was for the best.
hows your other littler of Valley bulldogs comming along. Don't you breed them I saw your posts on mollasers .
newbie here

I only had this one I was counting on this time. They other one, Misty, I'm waiting for her to go into heat. That's why I was so disappointed. I just recently got another boxer, but she's only 6 wks old so I have a long time with her. But I had 7 people on waiting lists for them because they are so rare. I just hated to tell them what happened but they understood and are still on my list. But Bridgette is really having a hard time. She is still carrying her stuffed toy around, she did finally eat tonihgt, but I had to hand feed her. She's spoiled and depressed. Next time I think I will have an ultrasound done early to make sure.
could you explain how valley's get registered.. also do you use an eb bitch and a boxer sire or the other way around.
At what point will you breed vb to vb. or is that not all that important. you can pm me if you want
ps. welcome and keep you skin thick
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