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hey every1, my name is sarah, im from Dundee in Scotland and I have a 14week old staffie called Ty. He is brown brindle in colour and is soooo cute.
He is sitting on my command now and when ever he crosses the road he sits until i say when to cross.
Here is some pics of him, they were taken at about 9 weeks so he has grown a bit from then.

he loves sitting in front of fire and this is a pic of my lad lying in front of the fire, did Ty like it! I think not, so he climbed on his back to get close to the fire.
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Hi Sarah and welcome :D
Theres another person from scotland on here (im sure, or was it Ireland?!), she has a brindle and white staffi X and hes lovely!

Your pups absolutley gorgeous! what a lil cutie! i wish i had had my dogs from pups :( makes me wonder what wonderfull times i missed
at least u missed all the toileting in the house lol. :lol:
:D So cute!
lol thats true! Have you got any up to date pics? you should enter him in the "puppy of the month competition" in our other section - take a look :p
how do i enter into dog of the month, do i just go into that section and say i want to put Ty up for dog of the month?
not got any recent pics of him but will get the camera out tonight and upload some. :D
We've just finished the January contest. In a couple of weeks, there will be a thread asking for contributions for February.
awe so tiny and cute i could put him in my pocket!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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