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The key is to research breeders. Breeders who have been breeding awhile can pretty much predict the size of thier dogs.. first time breeders or anyone doing a scatterbred breeding would not have any idea as to the final size thier dogs will get.

As far as size relevence to Johnson or Scott...not reliable these days. I have seen Scott type dogs that were 27" tall and well over 100 pounds..and I have seen Johnsons that were 18" tall and 50 pounds... in this day and age, many are breeding for certain types and breeding between certain types, making it much more difficult to truly say go with one type or the other. Researching types and breeders within the types will be a much better way to choose.

I recommend researching the breed and the different types. Decide on what you want in a dog... high energy, low energy, bully, pitty looking, etc. Once you decide on a type, then search for breeders within the type. I have taken in numerous rescues for folks dissappointed in the dogs they got... Folks wanting a big bully dog that ended up with a medium long muzzled AB and vice versa. It definitely pays to research well beforehand..AB's are a huge commitment, not for everyone, and should not be gotten on a whim.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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