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Tora's aunt trains K-9 assistance dogs and one of the commands that she uses is "Easy". "Easy" is a wonderful command but it is a fairly difficult one to train. When Tora is about to greet children the 1st thing I do is make her "Sit" after a sit I let the kids pet her. I will release her from the "Sit" and tell her "Easy" and she plays softly. The way to teach it is all about timing, when you see him playing softly tell him good "Easy" and praise him lavishly!!! It will take time, this command difficult bc you have to catch him behaving the way that you want him to........I also say "NAAAH" when she starts to do something that I do not approve of. This is a good suppliment for me when she starts to play too rough. I like to play rough with her but I also don't want a dog that hurts children, or unsuspecting adults (jumping etc)I hope that this helps it is a hard one to communicate across the net.

Edit to say when he starts to nip I say "No" or Ouch whatever you preffer then ignore him...Tora quickly learned that if her mouth touchs me no more play time....I would put her in the bathroom for a few mintues bc you don't want to make their crates a punishment tool
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