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Normal agression?

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Ok, Tashia is 8 weeks old and I had my buddy bring over his puppy. (mutt) Its cute and a male. Its about 14 weeks old and 10 pounds heavier, Tashia beat the smack out of him he was yelping and freaking out. I had to separate them and make him take the poor chap home. I felt bad, I dont want her to be like that with other dogs. Is this normal for a pit? I know the steriotypes, but want her to be better....differant. Any advise? Please help. Did I make a mistake in my choice of pups?
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Hey, I'm moving this to Behavior so it'll get a better response :)
Bella beat the crap out of a 75 lb. 3-year-old Boxer when she was 8 weeks. ;) I think pit pups just play more rough than other breeds. How old did you say Tashia was when you brought her home? She probably just needs more socialization with other dogs to learn how to play nicely. Bella plays very well with other dogs now, despite her being a holy terror when she was a baby!
She is actually 9 weeks yesterday. She is not normallly aggressive. She gets a little hyper with children and nips a little but as soon as I say..." NO BITES! " she stops. She has learned that command so far. Eevn hyper with me she gets the point. I was justv afraid she was a dog fighter from this point.
Puppies play fight...it's natures way of preparing them to hunt prey (even though domesticated dogs don't hunt like their wild ancestors did.) I wouldn't worry about it. :) Bella always looked like she was going in for the kill when she played with other dogs as a very young pup, but the more she played with dogs, the more "manners" she learned.
Thats good to know. Thank you. I am glad, I was worried I had the psycho dog. She is so lovable and always wants to be held. I thought a gremlin took over.
You should see Haus and Bella play. They are some rough and tumble pups! All in good fun though!
What type of dogs are Bella and Haus. I think it should state what the dog is in the profile next to to the home town for us retards.
Haus and Bella are both APBT's and siblings :)
They both have have long snouts for being pits.
Here are some pictures of them playing, Tashia's dad: http://www.bulldogbreeds.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?t=1297
TashiasDad said:
They both have have long snouts for being pits.
Your girl's muzzle will lengthen as she gets older. Bella's muzzle was much shorter compared to her head when she was a baby:
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She is beautiful, thats the dog I wanted. But she is black and it doesnt matter. I wouldnt trade her now.
Bella and Haus have four black and white siblings. My fiance and I originally wanted a black and white dog, but Bella's personality was the best of all the females in the litter. :)
Thats what I did, I picked the personality. It was tough. I let my daughter and son pick her and it was a toss up between the dominant, all black pup and Tashia. Luckily my children sense my emotion....lol. Hopefully Tashia will too

My son was scared of the more dominant one and my daughter just loved how Tashia took to her 2 seconds in, so it was win-win for me.
I didn't have a choice with Haus. My boyfriend picked him out, and brought him to me. I love him to pieces though!
Understood, everytime I come home. The dog isnt here. My daughter picks her up and takes her home and I have to go get her. Its a damn custody battle.
Dont worry about it. My ten week old has been beating the snot out of Chassis since he hit the floor with her. They love it. He sounds like he wants to chew her head off. The funny thing is she makes no noise. No growling or barking just heavy panting. They cant get enough of each other! When Chassis was a lil pup she would have it out with stephs moms's AB also.
Chico was insane when we first got him. He sounded like a weazle and Heidi just wouldn't leave him alone. I was so worried that their playing would lead to aggression. That is when I joined the forum and got alot of great advice. The playing has actually helped them to learn when they are being too rough. I really don't think the term "too rough" is in their vocab though. I've never seen dogs play so rough! :shock:
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