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Norris in the snow

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Norris loves the snow but hates the cold. He'll run around for a few minutes, stop and realize that he's cold, shiver for a few seconds, then start running around again. So cute! He only gets to play outside for a couple minutes at a time because I don't want him to freeze to death.

"Ok, I'm really cold now. Let's go back inside!"

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He photograph's beautifully. Almost angelic like!!!!!!

cute.they sure no when you have the cramra out dont they lol
Pitchic27 said:

Christmas card christmas card!
I know!! Too bad I already have all of my Christmas cards sealed and addressed already! Maybe next year. :)
Cinder said:

That is all.
LMAO! Ditto that.

The last one is soooooooooooo friggin cute! Why do your dogs pose so nice for pictures? I have to go through so much to make them all sit, stay and look in the same direction!
She doesn't really have dogs, she has three gorgeous mannequins. ;)
OMG! I think Norris has just sent me to my grave, with his cuteness!!! :D
Leeann.Bella.Remy said:

OKAY! Thats it! I'm on my way! I'm coming to get them too much cuteness you gotta share! lol :lol: :D
OMG! Norris is sooooo cute! Look at how much taller he's grown! I absolutely love the one of your kiddies together. Definitely a Christmas card (take advantage of the clearance prices in January) & calendar.

No snow here in eastern PA yet! Took Chopper out for his walk this evening & cut it short. I layered my clothing & wore glove liners w/my gloves. Everything else was warm except my fingers! They had no feeling at all in them for about another 15 mins after we got back home! Brrrrrrr!

Love that Norris! He fits in perfectly with Bella & Remy........it's the Three Musketeers rewritten!

That is adorable! Lily hates the cold weather. She just shivers and shivers like its going to kill her. LOL! :lol:

OT- Did you decide to keep Norris for yourself?
Leeann, I just wanna smack you for having such cute fur babies. It should be illegal for one person to have that many lookers!
I love them all!!!
Wow! You always take the best pictures. Amazing. They just love to pose don't they.
aww.. Norris is such a doll face! I swear I see him get cuter and cuter everytime you post pictures of him! :D and Bella is gorgeous as always and Remy is handsome as always! :) and you have to frame the last picture for sure! :D
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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