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The supplements are great and I highly recommend them (my quote was the 2nd one! LOL!) but I have to say that these bulldogs can and do bite off a bit more than they can chew, especially our house bullies.... while they get excercise at home, etc.. they really go over the top when taken to a new place and allowed to go all out. I have heard of numerous dogs spraining muscles or getting tears, etc. It's important to really warm these guys up a bit before letting them take off...just as human athletes.

If your dog is limping, try and rub a liniment on the injured muscles and give them some rest. Do not allow them to run a nd jump until you notice they are walking better. Even once they do start to move better, slowly introduce them back to more rigerous excercise. Bulldogs have such a high pain tolerance that they will fool you into thinking they are OK..one quick jump or jog and they are right back to limping.

If a limp does not go away after a couple of days, take them to a vet and have the injury looked at..better to be safe than sorry.
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