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I'm cross posting this to get the word out. Please read.


Please cross post.

Possible Dog food contamination...please read

I'm posting this for Sil McCall who lives in Texas. She is still to upset
to be able to post but had sent this to me as I knew her Gunner very well
and understand her pain. I thought it was important that others know and
she gave me permission to cost post.

Sill writes:

Just wanted to share some news that may prevent someone else from going
through this.

Saturday, March 25 I lost my precious boy Gunner and almost lost my
daughter's Mini Schnauzer to what we believe was commercial dog food
poisoning. That night I opened a new bag of food for the evening feeding
(Nutru Natural Choice Lamb & Rice Adult Formula). I've been feeding this
food for 3+ years with no problems until now. Within 3 hours of feeding my
dogs Gunner began to seize. Off to the emergency vet we went in a total
state of panic. The doctor saw him right away and began him on some meds.
After maxing him out on the meds over a 4 hour period he was still not
responding, he was flailing about and paddling horribly. The vet said we
were well past the point of bringing him out of it without substantial brain
damage if he didn't have a heart attack in the mean time, the seizure was
very very bad, nothing like any seizure in a dog I have ever seen before. I
had to have him put down. We just assumed that this was an unfortunate case
of idiopathic epilepsy and we would never know why.

Then on Monday morning at 5:45 my daughter came screaming into my room
holding her Mini Schnauzer and he was in mid seizure. Off we went once
again to the vet. FORTUNATELY, he came around before we left the driveway.
However, he has had 5 seizures since and is going to the vet this afternoon
to be put on medication (phenabarbatol), which he will have to take the rest
of his life. The vet says that once they have a seizure they are prone to
have them again and again. I fear the worst will come soon for him if we
don't use the meds as I know the seizures are hard on his heart and other
internal organs. The downfall to the medication is liver complications. We
are in a catch 22 situation here.

On the way to the vet that Monday morning with the Schnauzer, it dawned on
me that the only common thing these 2 dogs shared was their food. Gunner is
housed in the kennels except for his playtime in the house and they have a
separate yard. My daughter's dog is kept strictly in the house and never
goes into the kennel area, where there is a separate yard and exercise area.

Gunner's body was to be picked up that afternoon from the ER Vet for
cremation but I called and asked them to hold his body for necropsy. I then
transported him to my vet to have his stomach contents sent to MSU for
analysis. When I arrived home, I started making phone calls. I called the
store where I bought the food to alert them, then I called the dog food

The consumer affairs manager at Nutro took down all the information and
asked me to send him 4 cups of food, 2 cups each would then be sent to 2
independent labs for analysis. To my surprise, not an hour later I got a
phone call from the dog food company's state rep. who wanted to come by and
pick up the samples to be sent off. I said sure, come on out.

When he arrived, he said he had been instructed to take the entire bag and
all the dog food. I told him in no uncertain terms that he could ONLY have
the 4 cups I was told they needed and that he could have a cutting from the
bag to have analyzed and I would make a copy of the SKU# and lot number off
the bag for him. He had a look of bewilderment on his face. I guess he
thought I was an idiot. I may be dumb but I'm not stupid! That bag of dog
food would have been thrown in the first dumpster he came across on his way
out of here! As I dipped up the samples for him to take I reached for
Gunner's picture from the shelf and sat it on the counter for him to see and
said, "This is not about a lawsuit if that's what you are worried about,
this is about my DEAD DOG! AND the fact that if it does turn out to the dog
food, which I have no doubt that it will, I could have lost all my
babies!!!!" I told him I wanted to get to the bottom of this before this
happened to someone else's dog and that I expected all the food with the
same lot number to be pulled from the shelves or I would be outside the
store where I bought it wearing a sign, and it would not be for advertising!
I told him I would be checking the store's inventory the next morning when
they opened. I have also filed a report with AFCO per their recommendation
after speaking with them.

This past friday I was contacted by Nutro and they wanted to offer me
compensation for the vet bills to date - COMPENSATION, are you kidding me!
I told them there was not a price tag to be put on my dog OR what my
daughter's dog is going through and that this was NOT about money. I told
them not to contact me again until we had the test results in on the food OR
they would be hearing from an attorney! I aked him, are you looking for a
lawsuit or trying to prevent one? I was livid to say the least!!!! Absolute
morons!!!!! That's like asking what I would take for my left arm!

Sooo..., I have purchased a commercial grinder and have been feeding RAW for
2 1/2 weeks now. Everyone is doing great on the new diet, no complications
at all. I will never never, EVER feed commercial kibble again!!!

Have a great day and hug your babies tight! Boxer hugs and kisses,

I also asked for the SKU# and here it is if you are interested: , 40 lb.
bag, SKU# 7910520143, the info under that reads:

"best if used by 05 May 2007"
01:22 2CR5


I will post the results as soon as I find out. I know there are a lot of people here who feed their dogs this food. It's getting pretty scarry now with all these good companies having contaminated food (Diamond, Royal Canin, Nutro....).

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Crap, I do not have time to feed BARF or I would. Heck I don't even cook for myself or wife.

I have been feeding Nutro Ultra and I am going to look at changing now. Once a company has acted in this manner they lose my business.

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I serve the Nutro Lamb and Rice. This time I have small bits because the store didn't have any regular. My sku is 79105 20171. Thanks for the heads up. I would sue. If you don't want the money, give it away. Sorry for your loss.


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YIKES! I just opened a brand new 40 lb bag of Nutro Lamb and Rice. Different SKU, but still makes me nervous. Anyone have anymore info on this??? :confused2:

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This could be a scam. If you visit the Nutro website, they are VERY VERY strict about what they put in there food. I have researched the business and they are dependable. If this lady is concerned with the food, then she can call the company and THEY can issue a warning.

There was something like this about the swiffer wet jet and it turned out to be a whole big JOKE! :roll:

This can happen to ANY dog food. Not just Nutro, but any commercial dog food. Just because THAT bag of food she got was bad doesn't mean every single bag is.

Care, I would change your topic title because it is not an official warning, it just one persons problem with the food. The only way to actually have food warning, is if EVERY bag is contaminated and that would be on there website posted and a public announcement would somehow be shared.

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example a:


We take great pride in our products, their quality and their performance. Our #1 priority is to make safe and nutritious dog and cat foods for your pets, and ours as well. Nutro employs the following rigorous, multi-level program to assure the safety and performance of all our foods.

First, Nutro's standards are stricter than the government's standards.

Second, Nutro requires all our grain suppliers to test each load and provide us with certificates that assure the absence of aflatoxin risk. Loads not meeting Nutro's strict standards may not be shipped to us.

Third, despite vendor assurances, we still test in our own labs every load of grain before it can be unloaded. Loads not meeting our strict standards are refused. We make no exceptions!

Fourth, each batch of finished product is tested again not only for aflatoxin, but for many other potential contaminants. No product leaves the warehouse that hasn't passed these rigorous tests.
Finally, Nutro performance tests every batch of its finished dog and cat foods. This additional step means that Nutro's high standards for palatability, digestibility and stool performance have been met.

Many Nutro employees have dogs and cats as family too, so we understand how much your pets' well-being means to you. You can be assured we will continue to earn your confidence as we continue to meet our promise.

Please feel free to call our Consumer Services Department at (800) 833-5330 if you have any further questions or concerns.
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