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I've never met a trainer who didn't consider him/herself to be the "best" one. Yet we all know that "there are trainers and .... there are trainers"! I've seen some very skillfull ones and some that don't even know how to hold a leash.

If you guys are in Michigan, I can recomend a very skilled and experienced trainer who won't discriminate against our breed. Although I'm sure they may be more good trainers in that area, she has proven to be a very top notch trainer worthy to trust your best friend to. You can tell her I recomended her. Here's her contacts:

Cheryl Carlson
[email protected]
Phone: 989-224-7225

In Texas there is a person I can recomend who has titled his Staffy-Bull in protection dog sports. I just don't know how close or far he may be from you guys. Here is his name and contact.

Ed Reynolds
[email protected]

Isai Rodriguez
210 259-9719 [email protected]

Good luck in your quest. Happy training.
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