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how's your puppy?

are you still in traffic?
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lol Days not even over yet and I already feel tomorrows traffic..

Im leaving for LA at around 8am to be there by 9-915 ish HOPEFULLY

Never drove to LA though, I actually stay away from there lol but I mapquested the address and I swear my brain froze for like 10 minutes and I was just staring at the piece of paper until I had to snap back into it and wipre the drool from my lip... :roll:

He flys out tonight and its an overnight flight directly to LAX, So WHOOO HOOO by 11 am tomorrow my pup will be in my hands lol and ill be fighting traffic again but at least ill have my pup..
i forgot to tell you, pick up some baby wipes.... that comes in handy.... also bring a towel or t-shirt for him to lay down on.... of course, a little leash and collar of some sort.

did it tell you which terminal is kitty hawk? or is it before the airport?
did his shopping last night :)

Got him anythign and everything.. well things he needed of course from toys to food..

Im bringing wipes tomorrow, I just got some unscented baby wipes from target, will those be ok? Im bringing a towel or two just in case he has accident and for him to snuggle on, his harness and leash I got for it, a bottle of water for him im figuring he's gonna be thirsty and the breeder said there will be some food on top of the crate when I get him... Im gonna have to start switching him slowly on food because I beleieve she was feeding him eukanuba and I bought him authority harvest baked, so ill most likely start off with 3/4 cup old and 1/4 cup new

Am I forgettting anything... what are the wipes for exactly? just to clean him up? I was gonna give him a bath tomorrow to make sure he's clean and stuff you dont think thatll hurt him do you, or should I let him settle in first?

Soo exciting... hey why dont you pick him up for me snarky and bring him to me..Ill pay for gas..lol j/k anything to avoid LA
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be sure to post pics when you get home!

lol.... i hate the airport, it's my all too favorite friend..... i was just there last week, and traffic was outta this world.

i would love to pick him up though!!! i miss holding baylee like a baby.... i love that stage. the baby wipes are just to clean certain "areas" if necessary... they are also good for the wrinkles later on.... sounds like you've got everything under control!

although, i'm not sure about the bath... i think you have to wait until a certain age, maybe someone else can correct me if i'm worng..... use your new baby wipes and wipe him down! i do that with baylee sometimes.

i'm so excited, i thought you were getting him today :lol:
Ya I figured he might be too young for bath so I had that wipe plan in mind...

I might be having my sis-n law going with me tomorrow so she can be direction girl.. I printed out mapquest directions but those always take you around the crazy toll roads and stuff...lol

Im not gonna sleep too well tonight, its like being little and going to disneyland... wait what am I saying I still get that way today.. :p
Its OK to give a bath. Just make sure you dry him really really well. You don't want him to get cold. By this age they are able to regulate their body temperature but you want to be safe. I always gave my babies a bath the day they came home then dried them real good and wrapped them up in a blanket and snuggled for awhile :D . Bringing home babies is the most exciting thing, isn't it!!!! I am so happy for you. Good luck on your trip to wonderful LA :wink: . Where are you coming from?

YAY!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to see the little guy :)
Congratulations!!!! I love the new baby threads!
Im coming from rancho cucamonga, its an hour away from LA..but from LA i got to drive back home to Moreno Valley which would make a two hour drive.. no biggie

I work in rancho

im excited hope traffic isnt too crazy! I will try and have welcome home pics tomorrow lol
hey everyone, I got him this morning at around 9 am hye's great... a few accidents in the house but nothing major.. Its late now so I willl have a fresh new thread tomorrow with NEW PICS!!

Whoo hoo for Mason!!
yay Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry havent start pic thread yet!!

Crazy busy weekend... I will resize and format photos tonight and light this place up like you wouldnt believe... dial up users beware!!!..lol

Mason says "Hi!!"
Obelisk said:
sorry havent start pic thread yet!!

Crazy busy weekend... I will resize and format photos tonight and light this place up like you wouldnt believe... dial up users beware!!!..lol

Mason says "Hi!!"
ruff ruff!!
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