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Hi all,

I'm new to the board and had some questions for you.

Me and my hubby know we want an English bulldog, but after doing some research I think that an OEB would be a better choice for us personally. The thing is that my hubby is still set on an English bulldog. He feels that an OEB is pretty much a mutt, and he can't understand why a breeder would charge as much for an OEB as an English bulldog. I personally think that most OEBs look pretty much the same as an English bulldog, but he thinks that they are less cute for some reason, and he thinks that they would have a a worse temperment. I think that the bottom line is that he feels like we would be getting ripped off if we got an OEB from a reputable breeder.

I'm hesitant to get an English bulldog because of their numerous health problems, and I just don't think that it would be wise to get a dog who couldn't do a lot of the activities that we enjoy doing (like walks, etc.). I want to be able to give our dog a LOT of attention and love, but I don't want a dog that is more high maitenance than our child is. I love a lot of the traits of the English bulldog, and I really think that an OEB would be a really good middle ground.

I don't quite understand though why an OEB is $2000+ ?? I can see why an English bulldog would be that much because of the vet bills, and all. But why would a breeder who has been breeding OEBs for 20 years still be charging that much when their dogs are free breeders and whelpers? They supposedly only breed their OEBs with other OEBs, so why do they need to charge so much? Is it just because OEBs are rare and they can get away with charging that much? From what is written about them they are supposed to be rid of the breeding problems associated with English bulldogs, and are just bred and whelped like any ordinary dog, so why aren't they priced the same as what other dogs would be? OEBs aren't AKC registered so they can't truely be champion blood line like some other breeds can, so why are they more expensive than dogs who actually do come from champion bloodlines?? I'm just a bit confused about this.

OEBs really do sound like outstanding dogs from what I've read though, but I'm just curious if any of you have any more info on them??

Thanks a bunch!!! :)
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www.petfinder.com <type in "bulldog" and see what you get back. You might be surprised!!
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