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Yes, definatly get an OEB if you want a dog that will live longer than 6 years!!!

I agree, english bulls are the cutest...but do lots of research on any breeder you
buy from, EB or OEB, especially find out about the temperment of parents and the health
of parents (hips and other joint problems).

I unfortunatly did little research on my OEB and found he is first generation OEB mutt!!
But I love him and wouldn't trade him in!!! So many OEB's are from different breeding stock,
Orson's mom is pure OEB while his dad is 75% english bulldog and %25 American pitbull.

A great suggestion is to try a rescue group or just the pound, they have many english bulldog mixes.
There you can get an almost OEB...the look without the price and you're saving a life!!!!!!!!!!

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