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Well oki you guys may have wondered where I've been for the last week! ok I was in NY visiting some family. Anyway When I came home guess what I found one of my little brothers friends came over while I was gone and broke a window. Well Tootsie jumped through that window and got two deep gashes one on her head before her left ear and one on her front left leg about midway. I put Betadine on and a bandage, then I took her into the vet the morning after. They put in Three staples and three stiches! they told me that if I had waited one more day she would have be much worse off. The cut on her head was much worse than it seemed and they had to stop the bleeding. Her vet Dr. Sawder said that she would have probably bled to death if I hadn't brougt her in! So now she is home safe and the window is patched up!
I was soooooooo worrried I was actually crying uncontrollably last night when I saw her! It scared me half to death! I was very glad my mother could keep calm.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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