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OK guys, don't laugh at me...

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I'm interested in how a person becomes a trainer or decoy. Not the Petco/PetSmart variety, the people seek you out from miles around & your schedule's booked solid for months type. I understand reputation is key, and it takes time to develop one. How does a person become sucessful in the field? Has anyone here ever thought of making a carrer of it? I've been a Nanny for, well forever, and if there's anything that would bring me the sheer joy I get from my job, it would be working with dogs. Is it possible to earn a decent pay?

(Sorry if this should maybe be in general/misc. I wasn't sure)
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SisMorphine said:
From what I understand it's all about seminars and apprenticing with the people who have big names and a big reputation. Well at least that's how I'm going about it.
How's going for you? Have you been doing it long? Do you get to train your dog(s) as part of the deal?
Rue2 said:
A career in dog training generally comes from years of training dogs...and then taking it one step further.

You need to undertake 'official' training, not the pet-store variety. AKC (or CKC for the Canucks) style obed. training is usually the way to start. At this point in time, you'd need to be able to do both classic training and clicker training. Once you're taken a dog through to it's CD (Companion Dog), you move up to the other levels.

As you work with a Club, you'll eventually start by teaching introductory obedience (or beginner, etc.). Once you're able to teach that, and deal with the training issues/problems of individual dogs, you can move along to teach higher levels of obedience, as you've experienced them training your own dog(s).

Once you've mastered the basic obed., you can branch out to any other areas you're interested in. Once you become confident, and show good results, odds are you'll be in demand by word of mouth...and slowly you become a speaker/lecturer etc.

In addition, you need to attend various seminars on dog training and behaviour, workshops, maybe some classes and build up the more 'formal' part of your education.
This is very helpful. Thanks.
One more thing......
........has anyone ever seen a female decoy?
If you promise not to laugh....

I've thought about both. I don't think PP has caught on very big around me, and even though I'm "just a girl", I honestly think I could be a decoy, although to be honest I don't know enough to even make that claim. What makes me think I could do it? I'm MUCH stronger than I look, not the least bit afraid of a charging dog coming at me (hopefully it's had training :wink: ), I just think I could......but I don't know if I'd want to, like I said, I don't know enough. Does anyone ever do both (trainer/ behaviorist & decoy)?

Anytime I've talked to my family about it I encounter negativity. What else is new?

I often think, if it weren't for $, what would I really want to do? This is one of those things.
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