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OK guys, don't laugh at me...

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I'm interested in how a person becomes a trainer or decoy. Not the Petco/PetSmart variety, the people seek you out from miles around & your schedule's booked solid for months type. I understand reputation is key, and it takes time to develop one. How does a person become sucessful in the field? Has anyone here ever thought of making a carrer of it? I've been a Nanny for, well forever, and if there's anything that would bring me the sheer joy I get from my job, it would be working with dogs. Is it possible to earn a decent pay?

(Sorry if this should maybe be in general/misc. I wasn't sure)
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The best way to learn PP, Schutzhund, techniques and becoming a decoy is to be mentored under an experienced trainer/decoy! Combined with seminars with some top PP/Schutzhund trainers (not clicker seminars) and a couple of good books.

In my early days I would go to the SPCA and borrow a dog for obedience training to test what I thought I had learned :wink: It was a win/win as I learned some really good stuff in application and the SPCA benefited by having a better placement candidate that had some OB.

Can you make a living at it? I never tried, but I don't know if I would want to add that stress to something I do for fun.....
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