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attitude said:
ok i was gunna make you wait till tomorrow but i won't.

the only really un-natural thing we ask dogs to do is personal protection work .
not sport work cause that is all just a game to them.
think about it.
any animal out there abides by the fight or flight rule. even during mating, lotta bluffing but no real fighting usually. an animal cornered WILL fight for it's life, but only because it has to, they would prefer to run.
what we ask is that a dog not only fight but fight for another species.
the closest you get in nature is a mother protecting her young. but they are her young AND the same species
when have you ever heard of , hmm, say a lion protect a water buffalo against a hyena? or a wolf protect a elk against a cougar? it is not natural and yet we ask dogs to do it all the time. we actually train them against nature, against survival. very un-natural


Very interesting, so true.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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