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OK more questions, hope it's OK

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Ok I'm SO VERY appreciative of everyone's help here so I hope a few more questions :^o will be tolerated. So here goes..

First let me say I was very encouraged today after recieving the response's that I got today in regards to my new family member Sam. So with that being said I am curious on what everyone thinks about these pincher collars. I used one for the first time tonight and while I liked how well she walked I'm not sure how I feel about it. She sort of jumped a few times and it did seem to leave some light pink marks on her skin.

Another questions - I've seen a few posts on here that talk of a fearful dog and that this is not acceptable. What constitutes a fearful dog and what is to be done about it? How do you get them past their fears w/out babying them?

Just a few I can think of while a nasty storm blows in, it's kinda distracting. Thank you so much folks, you are already proving to be a blessing and a pleasant source of information.


Edited to add this:

However a little brag on her - while we were out walking some people stopped us and complimented us on how pretty we were (ok just the dog but u KWIM) and when he brought his dog out (kept far away from her) she only whined once and never made a sound outside of that. She greeted people nicely after a bit of thought and finished up the walk nicely. It was a nice encouragment that we don't have to be one of 'those' stories if that makes sense.
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I think it is only a problem if the fear turns into aggression, and especially uncontrollable aggression. Perhaps the dog was previously abused and so may exhibit some fear or cowering around individuals that are similar in appearance to the person who did the abusing. I think these types of issues can be dealt with. I don't remember what you wrote in the other post-but if he is showing some fear around certain individuals, I have heard that having those people give her a yummy treat or something can help him to overcome that fear.
It's the people that ask questions that truly are good pitbull owners. I am very happy to hear she had a good walk, it's always refreshing when you come back from a walk and your hand isn't hurting from the pulling, hehe.

As for the collars...do you mean prong (with the little metal fangs) or the choke collar?? I think you mean the prong collar so I willl elaborate on that a bit. Prong collars are the most humane collar on the market, although they look very decieving. They are MUCH better then the choke collar as they put an equal amount of pressure all over the neck and stops when enough pressure is dealt, whereas the choke collar will keep choking the dog, tighter and tighter, and has been known to damage a dog's larynx and neck. Pit bulls are very strong, a choke collar is not the right option, so please don't even consider this. Prong collars or gentil leaders are the way to go. Both my dogs wear prong collars.

About the fear towards other people, work with a family member or a friend and give him/her yummy treats (think hot dogs, peices of chicken, hamburger etc) and let them walk past you and Sam on the road and if Sam acts fearful, allow your friend to bend down and let Sam come to him/her...not the other way around! Like Bogart said, people may have done her wrong in the past, so be patient with her, pitbulls are people loving idiots, haha. Try working with her asap though, because you don't want this to turn into aggression (don't worry, it will take a lot of isolation for her to become aggressive) and i'm sure, by the way it sounds, you are showing her that people are very nice.

Keep trying, it sounds like you are doing awesome!!
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Sarah...I just want to let you know, it's ok to ask lots of questions! that's why we're all here, to learn from one another. So ask away and don't feel like you have to apologize. :D
Thank you, no more apologies. 8)
Pinscher collars

Although I agree these collars (pinschers) can be great remember these are only suggestions and not everything works with each dog. We tried one of those on Brook and she didn't give a hoot. Still pulled like an OX. So we went gentle leader and that subsided the pulling...although she spends most of her time now rolling in the grass trying to get it off.
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