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16 weeks is such a small puppy - you must be patient.
At that age YOU are responsible for how the puppy behaves. Being mad at a puppy that age for behavior such as you describe is like being mad at a 4 month old baby for spitting up on you. It makes no sense.

It's just plain silly to get down on the floor and play with a pup, get it all riled up, and then get mad when it gets excited and does something stupid. Kick it's ass and let it know who's boss if it gets out of line, but there's no reason to be mad about it.

If a puppy that age bit your wife it's your wife's fault, not the puppies. She wasn't paying close enough attention.
If the puppy didn't get the idea immediatelly following biting her that biting your wife is a VERY bad idea, that's your wife's fault, not the puppies.

Problem is, both your puppy and your wife need to learn the proper ways to behave with each other. The puppy will learn, as long as you are consistent and dominant, but it will take awhile. Your wife - that's up to her. It might help to have some strict rules about how she interacts with the puppy. It might help to have your wife take Jezebel to some obedience classes.

Consider this:
At one year, your dog will still be a puppy.
At 2 years, your dog will probably still be a puppy.
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