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Olde English Bulldogge

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I know i am stupid but i am already looking at what my "next" dog is gonna be. I like the English Bulldogs because they are so lazy, or most are, however i dont want a dog that has sooo many health problems because i cant afford the bills. But when i found Olde English Bulldogges i thought i found the perfect match.

Does anyone know much about Olde English Bulldogges from experience, ive read all the breed standards and everything already.
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gracelyn said:
all of it is cruel and inhumane.........honestly......i would rather see them attack the PEOPLE making them do this .........bull fighting....oh i hate it.......i cant watch it but i wish the bull would tromple them......i dont understand why on earth anyone would get enjoyment out of watching animals being mutilated and torn apart........there was a shirt i saw that said alot....it read "the more people i meet......the more i like my dog" lol......my husband says im too sensitive..he likes those discovery things.....like prey....with cheetas attacking.....the worst is the killer whale attacking a dolphin....i have to leave the room.....but at least that takes place in nature......part of life....but to set up these animals to hurt one another....for peoples enjoyment makes me sick to my stomach.......
I don't like dog fighting because animals don't have a choice but the way dog fighting used to be was really no different than boxing is for humans. The difference was that the dog can't choose another lifestyle so it isn't right.

However I am a HUGE boxing fan along with being a big time UFC and Pride fighting fan.

From the sounds of it you want to avoid the thought of what nature is really like. Do you happen to feed your dog a raw diet? :)
people should not talk about what they dont know anything about.....when a dog refuses to fight the fight is over....................................rs
we had our American Bulldog Isis, and our English Bulldog Nox, we brought in an American Pitbull Terrier... for the first 6months they got along great... but all of a sudden, our EB and our APBT didn't get alone, our pit was very territorial, and in return, so was Nox. We ended up finding a good home for Rome, the APBT.

If you're pit is fixed, and you bring a puppy home... and they grow up together, and its of the opposite sex, most likely, they will get a long. no guarentees, but its more likely.

First off, we have owned 2 OEB's (still have 1 of them) & although I am no expert on the breed, I can say this: our OEB is just as picky & dog aggressive as the next bully dog. He does get along with 2 of our APBTs & got along with our EB, but as for the rest--forget it. And don't even think about bringing a small dog in or around the house---it's fair game. Both of our OEB's have been high drive animals (both came from working stock) & needed lots of various forms exercise & obedience training. They are NOT a lazy breed, but thanks to the bybs & peddlers, many still come with all kinds of health issues with hip dysplasia being very common.

As for people who think that dog aggression can be trained out of bully breeds, APBTs in particular, I just ask that you open your closed minds & actually take in the facts. Although most dogs can be properly trained to behave while on a leash around other dogs, many are NOT dog-loving dogs. Contrary to what newbie owners want to believe, APBTs are NOT pack animals & were NOT bred to work or get along in large numbers. Although it is definitely not unheard of for APBTs to get along with another dog or so, it should NEVER be taken for granted. And most of the people who own "pit bulls" probably do not own APBTs, but rather mixed breed dogs (mixed with other bully versions). I don't understand the desire fro people to make APBTs into dog pack creatures b/c it's due to this type of naivity or uneducated thinking that APBTs are allowed to run the neighborhood's offleash & allowed to go to dog parks & then the owners cannot understand what has happened when their "precious" attacks another dog for "no reason".

We have a multi-dog household. Right now, we have 13 dogs in our home with 9 APBts, 1 Dogo Argentino, 1 Rottweiler, 1 OEB, & 1 Wrigley. I am not against people having a multi-bully breed household, but I am against the thinking that an owner can "make" them all get along. Very few of my dogs get along & all but 2 of the APBTs in my house do NOT like other dogs.......sooooo, they don't play with other dogs nor do I try to "make" them accept them. My advice is to try it out but be prepared to run a "crate & rotate" schedule in your home if it doesnt' work whether from day 1 or 3 years down the road. All my dogs love their 1 on 1 time with us (the humans) & that's all we require of them. Plus, I sick & tired of rescuing "pit bulls" from people that were determined to have them get along with their other family pets only to find out they don't & then dump them on the first person they can find. We need responsiblity, not a clean up crew.

Oh, & here's our OEB (Chipper):
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