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One tough munchkin!

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Now you know why we are called ankle biters! Do not look at me as if I am a mere nuisance! You will feel my wrath!

Resistance is futile! You will succomb to the power of evil puppy teeth!

Ha! Victory is mine!!!
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OMG those are the sweetest pics. Momma dog seems in great spirits! Just wait til the li'l ones are born. That ankle biter will be sorry then! LOL :lol:
JennKBM said:
Thanks for the laugh!! :lol: Those were really cute pictures, and I agree with the above, she looks like she's doing well.

On a side note :oops: why is her coochie so big like that? My god! Are all pregnant dogs like that? :oops:
LOL Yes, that's what happens. It's likely to get even bigger before she finally gives birth.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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