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One tough munchkin!

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Now you know why we are called ankle biters! Do not look at me as if I am a mere nuisance! You will feel my wrath!

Resistance is futile! You will succomb to the power of evil puppy teeth!

Ha! Victory is mine!!!
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:D Oh, she's a very happy girl. Such a sweetie.

I took those pics on Sunday, today's Tuesday, and she already seems twice that big. :shock: Her tummy is starting to feel much tighter, and the pups are more active. She goes to the vet tomorrow because she's coming down with kennel cough. :cry: But they will look her over and tell me how they think she's doing and maybe give me a better idea as to when she's due.

My money's on the 19th. :D
I named her Kaia. Supposedly it's the Greek word for "earth." I just thought it was pretty. :D

Trust me, there will be lots of pics! Were you here when I had the beagle pups? I didn't care that they weren't bullies, I posted about a hundred pics of them. :oops: :D
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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