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Orson & I Miss U

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My english sheepdog,Xea (pronounced Zia)

It has only been 4 months since you left us, but even now as i type the tears flow down my cheek.
She was my first dog, i got her in my early 20's and we grew up together, learning along the way.
She was always there when i needed someone, i was never lonely with her around.

I wish sooo much I was with her that nite, but i had gone out of town and my brother was keeping her. He told me she was
going potty inside his house and i knew there was something wrong. When he took her back to my house, he said she seemed fine. But when I got home latter that nite, i found her still on the floor. She had waited till she got home to pass.
She was just a month away from turning 13. I guess her body finally gave out after a bout with a lung problem and arthritis.

I miss her terribly and Orson was depressed for 2 weeks after she passed. I still see her sleeping in her favorite spot beside my bed.

Just wanted to post this as a Memorial to my beloved Sheepie!!!
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Xea was beautiful and it sounds like she lived a very long life. Thank you for sharing pics of her...I'm sorry for your's and Orson's loss...

AAWW RIP Xea..... Those pics brought a smile to my face as I too have known the love of a Sheepie. They are wonderful and you are wonderful for giving her a long loved life.
What big beautiful eyes - how could you not fall in love with her.
Thanks for sharing her pictures with us.
Aww, that was very touching to post a memorial to Xea. When I first opened up the post,
my eyes were immediately drawn to the top middle picture. Her eyes are so sweet and innocent looking.

When I read that Orson was depressed for two weeks after her passing, tears came to my eyes. Poor guy. And look at how little and cute he was in that picture with Xea.
Thanks everyone!!
It is still a grieving process for me, like for most people who've lost a pet
it's just gonna take time to heal the pain.
But i am so glad i have Orson around to fill that void, he has helped alot!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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