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If you would like to see another contest here on BDB, please post your suggestions here, along with rules.

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The idea is to see who can do the best for promoting Bulldog Goodwill.
Be it a published article, a published video or a community event.

Rules: You have to be the direct source of the promoting.
The promotion/event has to be shown on the forum
displaying the event/promotion and date shown or done.
You have one month to set it up and do the promotion.

It is voted on by the members as to who did the best
in promoting Bulldog Goodwill.

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I saw this on another forum and its fun! Sorry if it already exist here lol

I dont have a name for it but its a simple but pretty fun game. First someone will type 4 words, then the next user will type in another 4 words to continue the story.


user#1= The other day i

user#2= ...woke up feeling like

user#3= ...someone had stepped on
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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