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other pets section?

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is there a section on here for other pets? on a few reptile forums i use they have an "other pets" section...apolagies if this has been asked or there is one, but thought it may be popular, as many dog owners (including myself) have lots of other pets that they may like to chat about and show pics of etc.
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Non-Doggy is like our Misc catch all.

Pics can go in the pic section though, that's not just for bullies. :)
The non-doggy discussion area is for talk about other pets :) We did have an other-pets section at one time but it got confusing because people posted there sometimes and sometimes in non-doggy, etc so we just combined them back to the original one non-doggy section.
ahhh i see, thanks for that...will post a few pics up of some of my scaley and feathered pets then when i get chance lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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