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~Our Dogs & Ringins~

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~American Staffordshire Terriers~

~Australian Champion Havfun Bad Habit~

~Australian Champion Tigerboy Sasha~

~Australian Champion Staffwild Stonecoldcrazy~

~Australian Champion Staffwild Its Electric~

~Staffwild Attitude~

~Australian Champion Staffwild Damage Inc~ (Co-owned)

~Staffwild Mastaofpuppets~ (Co-owned)
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~Staffordshire Bull Terriers~

~Rockymist Rock Fist~ Photo at 14yrs of age (currently 16yrs)

~Australian Champion Tribalstaff Famous Finn~

~Staffwild Sir Psychosexy~

~Forstarstaff Jaunty Jane~

~Claxtonstaff Shogun Lass~

~Claxtonstaff Shogunlodge~

~Staffwild Redotchilipepa~

~Staffwild One Hot Minute~ Co-owned
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~The Ringins~

~Minx~ British Shorthair x Manx

~Blaze~ 30yr old mare

~Miniwild Stud~

~Carala Moonbeam~

~Lyle Park Ima Bucks Magic Shyanne~
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Very nice dogs and I love your kitty too :D
great looking family you have there thanks for sharing the pics
Great looking family you got there!
Thank you for the kind comments~
Glad you like our babies!!!!
Incredible muscles and proportions on the dogs, they're beauts.
Thanks, we are proud of the dogs, especially of the Amstaff kids we bred. We wanted to combine Mum and Dad and seem to have got lucky and got exactly that. Mum has a cracking head.
You guys must be busy with all those dogs! They look great!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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