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Our First Troller

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Can someone ban him?


He was warned against asking that question by kogeki, so he asks it again in a different section.
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kogeki said:
A 15 year old shouldnt own a bully.
:eek: It all depends, some teenagers are very commited and can bring up a bully quite well like me. Stereotyping all teenagers, that they shouldnt own a bully is not fair [-X
Hey don't worry about it. I read the topic and was skimming down the post and saw "15 years olds shouldn't a bully" and I was like "WhaT?!". But your right, a kid like that shouldn't own bully if he's not going to be a responsible owner. Oh, and I PMed you back except i'm not sure if you got it cause my computer is retarded. And no i'm not mad at you :D You were one of the first members to welcome me to the forum
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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