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Hi, Faith Marie !

we have 4 :)

2 pitbulls are living with us, both are about 3 years old, adopted from Humane Society ~ 3 y.back and 2 are living with my family in Russia,
(I am russian)
my older dog amstaff Aza is 9 y.o. I could not bring her here with me, it would break my folks hearts, they adore her and the last newest baby
amstaff Dan is about 1 y.o. I have found him beaten bad (is it the right way to say? anyway you know what I mean) on the streat in Russia when visiting my family in September, so vets.. medication.. surgery.. and now he is a real cutty and total fun and happy we found him :)

last night I have added a few more pics, hope you will like them

what breed are your "babies"?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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