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Overly Agressive Pup

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I have a problem perhaps someone can help me work through. I have an alpha female pup who has started being very aggressive toward her other 3 male litter mates. She's bigger than the rest, and this problem just surfaced after a very trying week of all 4 coming down with Corona virus. She pulled through with very few symptoms or effects, but the other 3 were hit harder. She's started going at the others with a vengance and though she's not broken any skin yet, she causes them pain. I've picked her up by her scruff and said no low and firmly, and removed her from the area immediately. What can I do to help stop her behavior before she becomes a menace to the others? She doesn't display this behavior with her momma nor my other two dogs, a Beagle and a JR/Beagle/Bassett. Any clue what's going on and how I can stop it? I'm willing to give her a fair chance, but if I and a temperament evaluator decide that she's likely to become dangerously dog-aggressive I'll have no choice but to have her put down. Help! I don't want to do that except as an absolute last resort. Thanks. :(
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The pups are just barely 9 weeks old. The aggressive one is almost twice the size of the others with very long legs (must have had a different daddy). Last night when I put them up for the night, I put Little Miss in a crate on her own as she attacked one of the others in the other crate (I have 2). This morning, no problems, but she did come close to breaking skin on the one she went at.
LOl :lol: Sorry, got to laugh though, I am having the same thing w/ my 7 littermates! I got an alpha female who kicks everyone elses a$$! Repeatedly, its not even funny! Every so often one will get mad and fight back, the the fight is on.

I have also grabbed her by the scruff to remove her, as it is all I can get to that fast leaning in the pen! When I replace her she starts again!

Its a never ending battle. I think one is gonna have to show her enough is enough. She is overly sweet to humans, and when shes outside, she also starts, but is easily re directed. She is dominant, that is for sure, but if you and I are having the same problems, it has to be a natural thing!

I was told to seperate them at 8 weeks old. To each his own crate when they are not having play time. Maybe this will help, as I am investing in crates now! I think she gets bored!

Try the crate thing, but, I also beleive my momma dog came to us as aplha from her litter as well, as it didnt bowl over to well upon her arriving w/ my other dogs, :twisted: :twisted: They werent having that!

Good luck, I think the best thing to do is seperate when not playing!
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I'll give that a go. I know some of this is natural, but this little girl means to hurt the others and I'm not having it. Right now she's in a separate pen. My sister and I work opposite hours most of the time, so someone's home at the zoo most of the time. Sis called to say Little Miss was doing well, and about that time she went after the runt of the litter. Tonight I'll deal with her in my own way. I use my garden sprayer when my big hounds get into the corner of the yard yapping at the next door neighbor's hounds. It always puts a stop to it. Blessedly, my neighbor is also a rescuer, so she has no problem with me hosing all our hounds when they get a little crazy.

I'll stop on my way home tonight and buy little miss a bigger crate. I think part of her issue may be that she hasn't enough room - plus, it'll be a good investment, given the size I think she's going to reach.

Thanks for the tips. I'll let you know how it goes.
April and Jack are now 8 months old. April beat the crap out of Maxine about 2 months ago. I have Maxine in the main house and April and Jack in their own room. Whenever I take Jack for a walk and leave April behind, she wines terribly, she hates to be left alone. But when they are together she always has to have the best, bigger or first of anything. Hence my pictures labeled "Chew Sticks".
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