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"panic button"

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i was on another forum that uses the same format as the new one here, and as i was going through the options, i saw a "panic button" feature.

if you enable it-it allows you to click a little icon(which is on every page), and immediately be redirected to another URL of your choice, if like, you are at work and your boss pops up or what not.

can we do this?
i personally don't need it, but i know a lot of people log on from work, some may like the feature...
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dont see why its a problem.. not like this site is NWS or have any NWS ads
HA! That is awesome!
I think we should get one.
The feature I'd like to see is a "back to top" in each post next to the quote option so I don't have to scroll up or down an entire page to get back to the start of the thread or back to the main forum.
Could be nice....

when I do training at work I always go on other websites and Ive been caught before, and even it its just hotmail I get "the look" from my boss
You can just write a macro & set it to always be on top to use just like a panic button.

(Not that you heard it from me as I'm the boss at my place as well) :)
Incase you've forgotten theres keyboard shortcuts that may be easier than navigating to a panic button.

ALT + Tab? You can flip screen to screen or do the old CTL + F4 to close, just don't get too panicky and press it too many times otherwise you will shutdown.

Press Home button to take you to the top of the page or End for the bottom.

Theres already a panic button built into the browser...The minimise button top right corner :p
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