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PAST Dog of the Month Winners

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Hi all,
Just wanted to start a thread about our past winners...........because I can't remember if we ever found out who the pup of the month was for November...........and just so the newer folks around here can see the winner's history.

Champ and Jas started this contest in September/October, and my Fina Girl won for

OCTOBER Dog of the Month

In November, Champ and Jas changed the contest to 3 different categories


NOVEMBER Male of the Month
Guinness.......after a tie breaking vote between Guinness and Rosco! What a tough choice that was!

NOVEMBER Female of the Month
Shiloh..........what a beauty

NOVEMBER Pup of the Month
???Was number 2 with 6 votes. I believe number 2 was SweetPea aka and currently know as Stella...........am I right Champ and Jas?

If so....here's Stella.............

Can't wait to see the winners this month!

Bridget :D
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Our December pup was Lucy

our december female was Kate

We had a tie for the male Chico and Satchmo

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Here is the pic that won shilo her crown

NOVEMBER Female of the Month
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