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lately Patch has been a little disobedient.

i almost cried at training yesterday...... he keeps tugging at the lead, so i bought him a head halter, and he was doing ok on it.
but the trainer we had yesterday told me not to use it... so he was back to being a little sh1t.
and all he wants to do is play and hump all the other dogs... i mean, i can handle that...
but at home now he just wants to do whatever he wants and im scared he's moving back a few steps!

before, when we used to say no, he'd listen!
now... he just tries and tries again and again!

i blame my husband for not being consistent! it's SO frustrating!

i set boundaries... then when husband gets home he calls for him to come hug him on the lounge (even though i've taught him NOT to get up on the lounge) and then two minutes later when i get angry at the husband for undermining me, he said "OK, get on your bed" and Patch doesn't know what he's doing!

i've also noticed he is SO hyperactive!!!!!!!!!! WILL NOT SIT STILL! even after exercise!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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