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We recently paved part of the backyard (thank goodness, no more muddy holes from patches digging!).
so i went to put up the pergola on sunday.... i put the instructions on the chair for about 5 seconds while i grabbed one of the poles, and i look back and patch had EATEN it and there were bits of paper all over the yard.
lucky i figured out how to assemble it without the instructions!

then i went out and bought some outdoor solar powered lights for the garden bed.
so i assemble those, and dig them into the garden... they're quite tall, and i figure Patch wouldn't want to destroy those....
after installing them, i'm inside making dinner and i hear some noise outside...... Patch had eaten one of the lights... it was totally destroyed.. and he'd pulled the lid off another one.
so i bring those inside... (i've since placed them in the TREES!!!! let him try to get those!)

I've also had to move the hose into the garage and we've gotta bring it out every time we need to use it, because he's learned to chew not only the rubber, but the plastic attachments!

he has destroyed the door frame to the back laundry door buy CHEWING it.

one of my outdoor chairs is on it's last limbs because he's eaten the bit that holds the cushion up.

seems like we curbed the digging problem.......... and now he's resorted to chewing everything in sight.

it's funny... he was chewing these items on sunday after 2 hours of obedience school followed by a game of fetch, and he was SOOO tired.... he fell asleep in the car as soon as we took off.

you just can't win!

sorry............ i just had to whinge.

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gazar said:
I bet he is teething and chewing on all of this stuff to relieve the pressure.
Nothing is going to stop him from chewing if he is teething - the best thing at
this point is to crate him when you cannot watch him. Nothing is safe.
I think he might be teething (at 8 months old??).
He even gnaws on my arm! Like, he doesnt bite me or anything, he just gets my hand into his mouth and puts pressure on it.. it is frustrating.

the thing is, i have about 427890657839205654426542 chew toys for him in the yard and he still insists on chewing furniture!

p.s. we don't crate him, he's an outdoor pup with his own enclosed yard and a kennel.
so i suppose i gotta expect a bit of yard destruction......... :roll: :roll:

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Re: LOL....

PeterC said:
Just tell him not to do it. Seriously. No joke.

Catch him in the act ("set it up") and then use the appropriate negative stimulation.

Personally, I think in this circumstance, an e collar would work great. DO NOT GET A CHEAP BARK COLLAR THAT WILL DO DOUBLE DUTY.

by the way, I am not guessing here when I give this advice.

Easy problem to fix.

a lot of dogs like wood to chew on.

Just say "no". :!:

Better to spend $200 - 1000 on a good Tritronics than spending 5 grand for a new couch. Would you not agree?
I definately perform negative reinforcement when i catch him in the act.

But the problem is, he is a sneaky little critter.... he waits til i'm inside cooking, or even while i'm out of the house at work and he will go on his chewing spree! so i can't really catch him in the act all the time!

The little brat knows he's done wrong too.... when i come out and screech with shock he goes and runs under the table where i (supposedly) can't get him.....

The other day, he grabbed my roll of duct tape (when i was taping the solar lights around the tree.... yeh, i know... pretty... but i got no choice) and ran into the bushes to hide from me... i was chasing him for like 5 mins before i managed to get it off him! I swear, my neighbours must think I am a nut-case!

And don't start me on the wood..... we got a really nice wooden park bench, which is now a brittle lump of chewed up timber..... he has gnawed at all the legs, the arms, pretty much the whole thing. i've left it out for him cos really, he has destroyed the freakin thing anyways.

Oh, and clothes pegs are another favourite..... he chews on em like they're going out of fashion.... i've had to hang the peg basket on the clothes line out of reach (for now! his spring jump is getting better)....

you just cannot have a nice backyard when you own a dog.

but you gotta love 'em!

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yeovil red said:
Patch is an Aussie dog thankfully E Collars are banned there so its not an option.
really? i didn't know they were banned?
i wouldn't use one anyway.

and yes, maybe Patch is getting too much freedom... but i'm not locking him up in a crate for 12 hours a day, so it will have to be the backyard or nothing!

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Leeann.Bella.Remy said:
Lisa said:
It sounds like Patch is not mature enough to handle all the freedom he is recieving. I suggest more crate or kennel time is in order. You must remember, he is a PUPPY, and if he is being destructive it is not his fault, it is yours. You can not blame a puppy for being puppy nor can you expect a an 8 month old to behave like an adult dog.
I've learned in the past couple of months that crating is just not something that has caught on in Australia. It's viewed as cruel (for the most part), and I think it's going to be a long time before that mindset changes, unfortunately.
i don't view it as cruel... it's just not my thing.
plus, i just don't have the room in my house!

i don't think it's as big as it is in the USA... but i do know some fellow Aussies that crate their dogs.

Patch was always going to be an outside dog when we got him... but he does come in when we are home... and he stays on his bed when told to, and roams around following us at other times!
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